About Us

I-NITIALS was co-founded by Markus and Markus, two entrepreneurs by heart with a strong passion for fashion. 

There are nice and expensive brand labels, but they are all lacking an individual touch!

It was a long journey of experience. Throughout their professional career, they both spent quite some time in different cities around the world like New York, Berlin, Hong-Kong, Moscow, Munich or Frankfurt. Cities with a large variety of people and different lifestyles. Furthermore, the two really enjoy travelling to the seaside in their leisure time and love spots like Brazil, Barcelona, Nice or Sylt.

In the big cities on the one side, and on the beach on the other side, the two founders encountered a lot of beautiful and successful people, each of them having different ways to dress. "But when it comes to casual wear, especially men appeared pretty 'mainstream' as literally all of them are wearing shirts of the usual expensive brand labels. But, eventually, there was no individual touch. And it is not about fancy attributes that were missing..."

We translate individuality into branded apparel! 

In late 2012, the two decided to create a new brand. Moreover, they wanted to design a distinctive label that allows for tailored features while keeping a high recognition value of the brand. So the idea was born and they started their journey to build something unique!

"We wanted to stick to best-in-class attributes of renowned classic premium brand labels: high-end quality, sportiness, elegance and lifestyle. But there was one key element that was indispensable for us from the beginning: INDIVIDUALITY." So it was paramount to them to have a brand name that is clean, international and expressing the core message of their idea: making the individual's initials a key element of the branding concept.

Finally, the brand I-NITIALS was created, the combination of "I" standing for the individual and literally "I" (myself) - and "INITIALS" - the most obvious abbreviation for each individual's first and surname.

The initials and the crown melting into a new label

The initials play a central role in the brand concept of I-NITIALS and are an inherent part of the brand logo. Alongside with the crown - representing power, wealth and supremacy - the initials are the main and towering element! In the default logo there are two stars, each representing an initial.

"I-NITIALS caters towards successful and determined persons with a high sense for both individuality and fashion consciousness, and who like a sophisticated but subtle way to express their success in life!".

People wearing I-NITIALS will feel the difference. "In the moment you have our product in your hand the 'look and feel' begins! We are very proud of our high-end quality products!" 

For any specific questions, please feel free to get in touch with the two founders:

 mk(at)i-nitials.com      mr(at)i-nitials.com


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